Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings

This is a delicious recipe, it can be made with all types of meat, rabbit, hare, and all kinds of game. I confess that I have taken many ideas from this great page of FREE RECIPES; I love it, I hope you like this recipe.

Ingredients to make Chicken Wings:

  •  500 grams of Chicken Wings
  •  1 glass of white wine
  •  3 leaves of Luarel
  •  1 pinch of red pepper
  •  1 cup of olive oil
  •  1 pinch of salt
  •  1 glass of water
  •  1 pinch of Rosemary
  •  3 cloves of Garlic

How to make Chicken Wings:

  1. Clean the wings well; if there are some feathers left, put them on the fire and grill them. In a casserole, we put the wings and put the rosemary, the whole Garlic with a cut, the wine, the spices, and the bay leaf, together with the red pepper, the salt, and the water until covering the wings. We reserve the vinegar for the end. We cover it and leave it for at least three or four hours to marinate. I usually leave the marinade overnight.
  2. In a frying pan or casserole, put the oil, be generous, put the wings and half of the broth, of the marinade, the Garlic, the bay leaf and the rosemary we leave it aside, for the end, we let it boil until it is consumed and we let it continue frying. When we see that it is browning, we add the Garlic, rosemary, bay leaf, and half a glass of the rest of the marinade, if possible all the leftover marinade. We let it be consumed A LITTLE because the rest for dipping is a delicacy. A few minutes before removing it from the fire, we add the vinegar, and it will give it a perfect contrast.

Note: the broth from the marinade is used to make the wings juicier and softer, and then, in the end, it is to leave the broth that we all like to dip.

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