French silk Pie Brownie

I’m going to be bringing you a French silk Pie Brownie. Two in one dessert with three scrumptious, delicious layers.


  • 1box brownie mix
  • 4oz semi sweet chocolate chips
  • 1(8) oz cream cheese, softened to room temperature
  • 4TBS butter, cubed
  • 16oz whipped topping (cool whip)
  • 1 1/2 – 2cups powedered or confectioners sugar
  • extra chocolate chips to garnish

How To Make French silk Pie Brownie:

Ok, so the first layer of our pie is going to be a brownie mix in a brownie mix box that you have now. I’m using a dark chocolate variety here so you can use any flavor.

So what I’m going to do is to make this according to the instructions on the back of the box. So I’m going to put my brownie mix in.

I like to break up all the big pieces in there, two that I’m going to add my water, which was a quarter cup, two eggs. And what I have right here is half a cup of melted butter. Now they say half a cup of oil, but I always like to replace it with butter because it just makes it more decadent.

Ok, but go ahead now and just mix this all together, right? What flavor brownie mix do you like and you want to use for this?

I am using an eight by eight now on the back of the box, I am using an eight by eight because it will make a higher browny for this dessert. Now you can use a nine by 13 and just remember that it will make your brownie just a little smaller.

Ok, I’m going to lightly coat my pan here with some cooking spray and then I’m going to add in my brownie mix.

And what I’m going to do is place it into my preheated oven and it’s been preheated at three hundred and twenty-five degrees, that is for an eight by a baking dish, So keep that in mind and I’m going to cook this for about 55 minutes. I’m going to check on it. Always start checking on about five minutes before the beginning time frame.

Ok, let’s go ahead and get this done and I’ll be back.

Ok, so my brownies are completely cool. So what we’re going to do is make that second layer, which is going to be that silky smooth layer. So in a large bowl, you want it to be able to go into the microwave. So make sure you get that we’re going to add four ounces of chocolate. I’m just using some semisweet chocolate chips, any flavor you want. Or more whatever works for you. And to that, I’m going to add four tablespoons of butter, though, since this is going in the microwave.

I’m going to put small parts of butter in there so it’ll help melt everything. You don’t want to put a big chunk in there. Three.

Ok, so what I’m going to do now is the place this in the microwave and I want to melt this all together.

So every 15 seconds or maybe 30 seconds, I’m going to take a look at this, stir it, put it back in, stir it until I get a nice, smooth consistency.

We’re going to keep going, OK, as you can see, it is nice and smooth and they’re perfect, but I’m going to do lick this like a candy bar.

Ok, so I’ve got eight ounces of cream cheese here.

Now, you want to make sure this is a very soft room temperature.

If you need a little help, that you can take it out of the packaging here, put it in the microwave for just a few seconds and that will help loosen that up.

All right. So what I’m going to do. Take butter out of the package. And I’m just going to do it in little chunks here. OK, what I’m going to do is take my electric hand mixer here and I’m going to beat this all together until it’s nice and smooth, and then we’re going to start incorporating some powdered sugar in here. So I’ve just added half a cup of powdered sugar, Mix it… add another half cup. So when you get a good even mix, you’ve got another half a cup going in, a powdered sugar.

Ok. 8 ounces of some whipped topping, I’m just using cool whip here, what we going to do is fold this in. And when you fold in anything.

Now, what we’re going to do is put that mixture on top of the brownies here and smooth it out.

You’re going to offset spatula here that will really help smooth out. what we’re going to do now is we need this to set up, so we’re going to place this in the refrigerator.

I know. I know how you get this far. You’re want to dive in, right, for hours or overnight. Now, I’m going to put this in the refrigerator, and then we’re going to come back and I’m going to do the finishing touches to it and then, you know, we’re going to give it a try.

Ok, it’s been four hours. I’ve pulled my two-layer dessert out of the refrigerator. We’re going to cut this, put it on a plate, and then I’m going to add the third layer. Ok, the final layer is going to be cool Whip. OK, I’ve got a piping bag here, I was going to put it down somewhat, so I’ve got the tip in my bag here and I’m just going to spoon my cool whip into it. Now, you can totally just put a dollop on top of your pie there, but you know me to want you to make it look really pretty. Now it’s time. Some chocolate chips on it.

Let’s count the ways, the first layer of brownie, the second layer, the French silk pie, and then the third layer with topping with chocolate chips.

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