Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

 The preparation time: 13 minutes.

 The cooking time: 30 minutes.

 serves: 8 people


Cake Mix Ingredients:

  •  Five tablespoons of milk.
  •  Two teaspoons of liquid vanilla and baking powder.
  •  The price for a teaspoon of salt.
  •  A cup of flour.
  •  Three-quarters of a cup of fine-grained sugar. Half a cup of soft butter.
  •  Four egg yolks.

Top layer Ingredients:

  •  Three-quarters of a cup of crushed walnuts and fine-grained sugar.
  •  The whites of four eggs.

Filling ingredients:

  • Two tablespoons of powdered fine sugar.
  • A cup of chopped pineapple and liquid cream

How to prepare

  1.  Put a mesh rack in the center of the oven, and preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
  2. Bring two round molds, then grease the base of the molds and the sides with butter, put a piece of parchment paper at the bottom of the molds, and then sprinkle a small amount of flour in the molds to cover the edges.
  3.  Put all of the salt, flour, and baking powder on a parchment paper piece, then sift the ingredients.
  4.  Put the butter and sugar in the mixer bowl, install the net beater, then run the mixer on a medium speed for three minutes, then add the egg yolk and vanilla, and run the mixer on medium speed until the eggs are mixed well. Add the milk and flour mixture to the blender, and run it on medium speed for a minute until it is formed.
  5. A thick cake batter, then distribute the cake batter in the molds and equalize the surface with a plastic spoon. Put the egg white in the bowl of the mixer, install the grate paddle, then run the mixer at a medium speed until the size of the egg white doubles and becomes crisp, then add sugar gradually and continue to run the mixer until the number of sugar ends and the egg white becomes coherent.
  6.  Distribute the white mixture using a wide plastic spoon over the molds’ cake mixture until it is completely covered, then distribute the nuts on the egg white.
  7.  Putting the mold into the oven, baking the cake for thirty minutes, then testing the cake’s maturity using a small wooden stick, so the oud should come out clean after placing it in the center of the cake as evidence of the cake’s maturity.
  8.  Take the cake out of the oven, put the molds on a metal net, leave the cake until it becomes freezing, then remove it from the mold quietly.

Preparing the filling:

  1.  Put the cream in the mixer bowl, install the grate paddle, and then run the mixer on a medium speed until the cream doubles in size and becomes coherent.
  2.  Add pineapple to the cream and stir it with the pineapple using a wide plastic spoon.
  3.  Put a layer of cake on a large serving plate, distribute half of the cream amount using a wide plastic spoon, put the second layer on the cream, distribute the remaining amount of cream on the cake, and decorate the cake with pineapple and walnuts, then serve.
  4.  Put the pineapple cake in the refrigerator until serving time for it to become more delicious.

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  1. Rebecca Kimmey

    Yummy yummy yummy all of your easy desserts look fantastic do you have any that are sugar free

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